"Michael Bucher is an American songwriting icon." ~Native People's Magazine

3 Time NAMMY Winning Musician & Native Teen Mentor

bitter tears sacred ground2Joanne Shenandoah and Michael Bucher 

"Bitter Tears-Sacred Ground" is a new release from Michael Bucher and Joanne Shenandoah. It contains 13 songs and takes the listener on a musical journey through Native history in true Joanne and Michael style. While honoring Johnny Cash, Peter La Farge and Floyd Red Crow Westerman, 5 songs are redone from the Johnny Cash album "Bitter Tears" which has through the years weaved its own legacy through Indian Country. Then there's the soulfull and beautiful rendition of "Star Spangled Banner" as only Joanne Shenandoah can sing it along with Joanne's version of Floyd's song, "They Didn't Listen". 

To round off this cd are 6 original tunes from Joanne and Michael and give this cd it's own signature sound. Michael's picks for hits are "Riding Free" written by Joanne Shenandoah and "Sacred Ground" written by Michael. 


Track Listing:
01. As Long As The Grass Shall Grow
02. Apache Tears
03. Drums
04. Star Spangled Banner
05. The Ballad of Ira Hayes
06. Talking Leaves
07. Riding Free
08. Treaty
09. Sacred Ground
10. Who Imagined?
11. Don't Forget About Me
12. They Didn't Listen
13. America