"Michael Bucher is an American songwriting icon." ~Native People's Magazine

3 Time NAMMY Winning Musician & Native Teen Mentor

this. Simply… this. A simple title for a not so simple life, it’s just this. The songs are straight out of my heart and soul. They’re what I’ve experienced over the last few years in my personal life, the happenings in Indian Country, and the people I’ve met on my journey. This is the reality of life. From the first track, ‘1 Finger, 1 Thumb, 1 Take’, in which I had to prove to myself that I could play guitar better than before the accident which left me with 1 full finger and a thumb on my right hand, to ‘Let It Rain’, a song I wrote about the NODAPL camp and the people I know personally who were there, and the ongoing relevancy of this song in Indian Country today, to ‘Dark Horse’ and my journey, to ‘Women and Water’ with my friend and co-writer of the song, Paco Fralick, to the heart wrenching ‘Last Cry Out’, a song I wrote after doing a workshop with Native youth at IAIA in Santa Fe, NM for Native youth who are struggling with so much, including staying in this world. “No one hears us cry, I’m cried out.” I couldn’t leave the blues out of the cd so listen to “You’d Think By Now”, from my heart and the reality of life. But then there’s ‘this.’ The song that tells the story of addiction, the immense problem affecting millions of people, and the struggle to end the addiction. Not so simple, just this. Peace my friends. We are not alone, we have each other.

Track Listing:

1. 1 Finger 1 Thumb 1 Take 2:08
2. Dark Horse 3:59
3. Somebody Told Me 3:39
4. Women and Water 5:11
5. Not Your Mascot-I’ve Been Watching 3:43
6. What Would You Do 3:51
7. Shredded Sin 5:35
8. Let It Rain 3:34
9. This 5:08
10. You’d Think By Now 5:26
11. Cradle to the Grave-Revisited
12. Last Cry Out 4:27

‘this’ Credits

All songs written by: Michael Bucher except for ‘Women and Water’- Michael Bucher and Paco Fralick (www.pacofralick.com)
Produced by: Michael Bucher and Brett Huus
Engineered by: Brett Huus
Mixed by: Brett Huus and Michael Bucher
Recorded at: Sound Strations Audio Productions Inc., La Crosse, WI (www.soundstrations.com)
except for ‘Women and Water, recorded at Whitehouse Productions (www.whitehouseaudio.com)

Michael Bucher: All Acoustic, Electric Guitar and Vocals except for ‘Woman and Water’. See credits above.
Synthesizer, keyboards: Brett Huss
Drums and Percussion: Terry Nirva
Bass: David Steeno
Electric Guitar on ‘You’d Think By Now’: Dave Rogers 

Total running time: 50:49

Copyright: 2017 Michael Bucher